Satchmo SnowBash (RC01.01.06)


Download the NDS File for use with Emulators
Download the .GBA File for use with DS Hardware GBA Slot

Download a Nintendo DS Emulator here (Dualis)

Stylus: Use the Stylus to advance through menu options. While in game, roll up snow in bigger and bigger balls then roll it towards to top screen like skee-ball.

Creating larger balls lets you achieve larger combos! If you hit a flashing Satchmo, 2 seconds will be added to your time!

1 Satchmo gives you 10 points. If you hit two at the same time, the second is worth 20 points, hit a third and it's worth 30 points! So a 3 Combo will net you 60 points! The combos don't instantly go away, so try and get even more points! The more points you get, the better your ending will be!

Design Notes:
Coming soon.