Now available for the Nintendo DS!

If you're anything like certain members of the Dev team, you've seen the wall of numbers presented by normal Sudoku, felt faint, and woke up several hours later feeling pillaged of all self respect. Once, however, while still woozy from a SwordFish X-Wing 1-2 punch someone came up with the bright idea that numbers are just pictures, and that counting and Sudoku don't Need to go together. Why keep counting to 9 when counting to Hot Dog will do just fine?!

In Toon-Doku there are over 250 images to be unlocked and played with! Edit any of those images and save them in 9 provided Custom Piece Slots. Then inflict... or "Share" your creations Wirelessly with friends using Piece Trade.

Then again, maybe it's time for some revenge on those smarty pants friends. Play head to head using the Distraction System and toss your pieces to distract your "friend" from finishing the puzzle! Each of the 9 characters have a different play style, find the character that suits you.

What's that? No friends? That's okay! Even the Multiplayer modes can be played against the CPU! Or go out and make some friends... Share a Demo Copy of Toon-Doku using DS Download Play! Now a bunch of new friends try the game. Show them how it works and how easy it is to play!

Hey someone's getting really good at Toon-Doku! If it's you, then check out some of the most ridiculously difficult Puzzles in the later portions of Stage Mode. If it's not you, then head on over to Instant Play and breeze through some custom puzzles with difficulties from 0 - 99,999 for just the right challenge.
(Q: What's the difference between difficulty 12,345 and 12,346? A: Cherries... duh!)