LEFT ARROW - Rotate Left
RIGHT ARROW - Rotate Right
UP ARROW - About Face (180 turn)
SPACE BAR - Use Dragon Flame

Extra soap will clean you off and increase your health
The game is over when your can no longer fight off a wave of Spooky Fish

There are 3 known special moves that come from holding down different button combinations.
Watch the Flame Bar at the bottom, Dragon Flame takes some time to fully re-charge

Future Plans
Currently in this version there are 2 endings, later check for the version with a 3rd ending and some other features.

Design Notes
I'm most happy with the fusion of technologies and art. You'll notice that there really is a touch of everything in this, traditional media, vector art, raster art, basic and intermediate 2d animation, dynamic animation, and lots and lots of sprites. At first I was a little upset because I'd already written 80% of the code in other projects and was just going to cut paste. But since my main system was down, I've been working off my backup laptop and had to re write the entire thing from SCRATCH. Though I must admit, turned out for the best. Final note, the wonderful art was created by Alison Rementer. The code, animation, coloring, and interface design were all done by Miguel Nieves. Enjoy!